Plans have been announced to build two 50 megawatts (MW) solar power plants in Kazakhstan’s Turkestan region by Italian investor Eni and Hungarian investor Globalia Kft, according to Kazakh Invest national company.

This is not the first project by Eni in the renewable energy sector. The company recently completed a 48 megawatts (MW) wind farm in the Aktobe region.

The second power plant by the Hungarian Globalia Kft company is expected to install more than 160 thousand monocrystalline solar modules.

According to Ersultan Zhanabaev, regional director of Kazakh Invest national company in Turkestan region, the shortage of electricity in the Turkestan region is being complemented by the northern regions of the country. Sunny weather dominates Turkestan for 3000 hours a year on average and the region is the most favorable for the implementation of such projects.

Gabor Sagi, Chairman of the Board of Globalia Kft, said the company is sure that Kazakhstan is a favorable country for investment.

“When we invest in projects, we are confident that our investments are protected and that they will pay off. We especially appreciate the comprehensive support of Kazakh Invest. It is very pleasant that there is such a company in Kazakhstan that is available and open for investors 24 hours a day,” he added.