The projects (ground based solar parks development in Kazakhstan) of Globália Kft., require an increasingly direct presence in Kazakhstan, that is why Globália Kft. has opened an office in Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan.

The office is located in the former EXPO office complex operated by the AIFC. Mss Milena Goncsarenko will head the office as director.

Gábor SÁGI -CEO of Globalia Kft : Globália Kft has reached a new milestone in its works and investments in Kazakhstan, and the opened office serves to strengthen its presence in Kazakhstan. Mss Milena Goncsarenko will head the new office as director. Through our new office, we will not only be active in the field of renewable energy, but we will also be able to strengthen our activities in the future in the direction of a quantum-proof protected blockchain system and IT solutions with special quantumproof protection. I am pleased to AIFC is found it worthwile the Globália Kft to have our new office to be, in addition to the multinational companies from large European and other countries present in Kazakhstan at the therithory operated by the AIFC.