During the visit of September 16, 2022, the management of Globalia Kft held a meeting with the Akim of Atyrau Region, Mr. Serik Shapkenov. Mr. Serik Shapkenov presented the economic and cultural relations between Hungary and the Atyrau Region of Kazakhstan and the results of the region’s economic development. After that, the parties discussed the elements of a complex green energy producing and utilizing energy system (150MW solar park and green hydrogen production and use) to be implemented in the city of Atyrau, and the steps of implementation. Mr. Serik Shapkenov said that in addition to the region being the center of oil and gas production in Kazakhstan, wider use of renewable energy and protection of the environment are important for Atyrau and the region. During the successful negotiation, the following necessary tasks for the implementation and the designated the contributing experts for the succes the energy project.

Gábor Sági -CEO of Globalia Kft.- : „…Based on a successful and productive discussion with Mr. Serik Shapkenov, a complex green energy production and use project will be realized in the city of Atyrau, which will be an example of how much more opportunities a solar park system offers than just generating electricity and feeding it into the grid. It will becomes visible how renewable energy can be used as efficiently as possible in several areas and how it can be put to the service of a city’s everyday life. With this project, Atyirau takes a big step towards increasing the use of renewable energy in the city and protecting the environment…”