After preliminary negotiations, on November 18, the Deputy Governor of the Atyrau Region signed a Memorandum with Globália Kft and its Kazakh partner, Kazglobal, on the implementation of settlement development work using renewable energy (solar). The technical planning phase of the project will begin in the first months of 2023 with the participation of Hungarian and Italian specialists and engineers.

With this „settlement electricity network development” project, the Hungarian-Kazakh economic relationship will continue in a new business area, in which no Hungarian company has been involved in Kazakhstan until now. The project can show a good example of how to provide a solution to the energy requests appearing in recent years but at the same time the environmental protection aspects are taken into account.

Through the settlement development project to be implemented, Kazakhstan will have a settlement that uses renewable energy. Globália Kft. together with its partners providing high-level technology in the field of energy (in this case the companies OffgridSun and FuturaSun) can demonstrate the wide-ranging use potential of renewable energy with a new innovative project.

The Hungarian-Kazakh-Italian international project cooperation starting in 2023 is organically connected to the business processes started by Globália Kft. in the field of renewable energy utilization in Kazakhstan in recent years. The small settlements and their population will be supplied with electricity by an „off-grid” solar park. As part of the project, in order to ensure continuous electricity supply, an electricity storage technology will also be installed.

Gábor Sági – Director of Globalia – : „… they say that history repeats itself, well that’s true in this case. In the mid-eighties, I was lucky enough to work on-site in one of the largest village electrification projects in the Middle East region. Now, more than 30 years later, our work will -once again- provide electricity directly for the small settlement and its people. It is true that the technology is different now, but the result is the same, electricity reaches the homes of people who did not have a safe power supply until now. You can’t imagine a better business, than that improving the quality of life of people and an entire settlement. In these small settlements, people will use renewable energy, which will be a good example of how much more opportunities a solar park offers than feeding the generated electricity into a high or medium voltage grid…”