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GLOBALIA is a trusted partner to every companies.

In line with the constant changes in the economy, we are focusing three main business lines: Solar Park Development; Business and IT Consulting; Banking Consulting & Project Financing.
The safe and efficient operation and background of the company is ensured by the well-defined business strategy and the domestic and international partner companies cooperating with Globália Kft.

Solar Park Development

We launched the solar park development business in year 2019. To date, we have been involved in the design and financial background of more than 150 MW capacity of solar parks. Our strategic goal is to implement several land-based solar park projects in Kazakhstan. Our new company, founded in Kazakhstan, is also be a distributor of mini and medium-sized mobile solar systems.

Business & IT Consulting

Since the establishment of the company, we has been helping the organizational transformation of various companies as a consultant. In cooperation with SAP AG (Germany), we participated in the implementation of IT company management systems. To support IT digitalization, with cloud based SAP Successfactor solutions we were the first to help companies digitally transition. Since 2021 year, we have been participating in a special large-scale IT security project involving several countries.

Banking Consulting & Project Financing

We have been providing banking and project finance advice since 2011 with our US financial partner. Globália Kft performs consulting and analyst documentation work, the financing of the project is provided directly by our American banking partner to the project owner. With our participation, more than $ 280 million worth of financing agreements (in the field of solar park construction and IT development) were signed between the U.S. based financial institution and the project owners in the last year.